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Pheno Project


  • The pheno project is not as much a competition as it is a pursuit to better understand the impact different  environmental factors and growing techniques have on the chemical expression of terpenes and cannabinoids in the same phenotype, known as the chemovar. Individual gardens will grow the same phenotype in their own unique environments following their own methods. After harvest the flower will be trimmed and dried and samples submitted for testing by Confidence Analytics. At the end of the year there will be an event to identify the highest scores for THC, total Cannabinoids, and terpenes. We have selected a pheno provided by FDG. We encourage you to participate in this exciting endeavor that will bring the cannabis growing community closer. Enter here.

How to participate

  • Sign up at or click here for the application.
  • One time Sign up fee after acceptance:
    • Based on annual average
      • <$50K/month -$300
      • <$100K/month -$500
      • <$150K/month -$750
      • >$150K/month -$1000
  • The Details
    • Thirty farms will participate representing a wide range of growing environments and techniques including indoor and outdoor, LED, full term, light dep, light, organic inputs, salt based nutrients, living soils and commercial soils.
    • Each participant will receive 10 clones all taken from the same mother.
  • Data Obligations
    • Basic Data describing environmental conditions and management practices will be collected (ie; light source, nutrients, living soils, if you played music to them everyday… you get it!).
    • The results will be analyzed and the findings published. The published data will not identify individual farms test results. The individual test results will be made available to each farm, while the aggregated data and analysis will not identify the farms.
  • Participate in closed group community and social media (optional)
    • We would love to let the community track all these babies on their journeys. tag IG @phenoproject, and we will re share to this group.
    • We will provide access to a closed group community forum for gardens to communicate  
    • Gardens will arrange their own pick-up of clones. The clones will be provided  
    • Gardens will submit up to an ounce of dried and trimmed flower for testing.
    • Winners based on testing alone. Only winning scores will be identified publicly.
      • Highest THC
      • Highest total cannabinoids
      • Most Terpenes
  • Participants will have to grow all 10 plants the same way. Options for two entries per garden available (As some gardens are practicing several growing methods.
  • Quarantine your clones. We’ve done our best to source clean clones, but we recommend everyone follow their own quarantine procedures.

We are very excited for this project and look forward to a better understanding of this amazing plant while coming together and shedding light on the question of how much difference is determined by nature and how much is determined by nurture.

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